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Training of Trainers in Learning Experience Design



Learning Experience Design (LxD) is the process of deciding and designing what experience works better for someone to learn something. 

This ToT aims to build a pool of competent trainers who can then teach Learning Experience Design to other educators.




Are you resident in Norway, Portugal or Spain and involved in work in one of the following contexts?

- Youth or educational organisations or centres

- Museums, cultural centres, heritage sites

- Schools, universities

- Other educational bodies


- Have experience designing learning experiences for groups of learners (of any age);
- Have the passion and the availability to train other professionals in the field of Education;
- Feel ready to become a trainer of educators 1 .


- learn new ways of working?
- share and reflect upon your own practice?
- act as trainer or multiplier of LXD in educational contexts?
- support and be supported by the other trainers in the Pool?

If the answer is YES for all the questions, this Pool of Trainers in LXD is for you!

The ToT course and the Pool in 4 jumps


The main condition to join this Pool is participating in the Training of Trainers in LXD. The Training of Trainers in LXD is a one-year-long training that entails 12 training days and monthly mentoring, which will take place between January and December 2021.

Jump 1

6-days online training course, between January and March 2021: 12th and 26th of January, 9th and 23rd of February, and 9th and 23rd of March 2021 (full training days, please ensure your availability before applying).

Jump 2

 4-days residential training in Barcelona, from 3rd to 8th of May 2021 (including arrival and departure, subject to sufficient regression of the Covid-19 pandemic)


 Implementation by all participants of at least 1 national or international (residential or online) training activity between June and October 2021 + online sessions (monthly 1h sessions from June to October and 1-day evaluation of implemented activities in November 2021).


Ongoing process of learning, mentoring and developing the community within the Pool of Trainers in LXD, culminating with the first official Pool meeting in December 2021. 

The estimated amount of time required for this year-long process is a minimum of 18 days. However, you are free to invest more time and effort into different assignments. The involvement in the constitution of the pool previews approximately 10 hours of engagement from Jan to Dec 2021.

Objectives of the Training of Trainers in LXD

The Training of Trainers aims for participants to:


  1. Acquire a deep understanding of the concept and practice of Learning Experience Design;

  2. Become more creative when designing learning experiences and spaces;

  3. Be able to present LxD content effectively to educators, respond to participant questions and lead activities that support their competence development in LxD;

  4. Develop facilitative skills to promote learner engagement, reflective practice, critical thinking, and skill acquisition;

  5. To create the Pool of trainers and test the outputs developed by the Erasmus+ project “Design2Learn”.

Main content blocks of the ToT


In this course you will learn how to use Learning Experience Design and how to train other educators in this methodology.


In the course 1st part you will be exploring the learner characteristics, the learning outcomes desired and the environment in which the experience will take place; designing the space, the steps and activities; setting-up the experience itself; and then testing/iterating to achieve maximum learning with engagement and participation.


In the training 2nd part you will be looking at your own competences as a trainer of educators and peers, improving your facilitation skills and actually designing sessions to apply later on.

Here is a short overview of the Training program:


1st Part – Training Online, from January to March 2021

  1. TC Kick Start

  2. Intro to Learning Experience Design

  3. Learning Experience Design Practices and Tools

  4. Complementary approaches

2nd Part – Blended learning, from May to December 2021

5. Intro to trainer competences
6. Deepening facilitation and design skills
7. Creating learning Experiences on LxD for educators
8. Follow-up, evaluation and closing


Methodology of the ToT


Diving into a Pool of Trainers in LXD is a great chance to reflect on our practices, to get to know new methodologies, to learn how to be more aware of what our learners need. The training team will provide online interactive training days (yes, it will be intense but fun, we promise) every two weeks from January until March 2021. Asynchronous tasks of research, creation and collaboration between participants will be assigned in between sessions.

Each participant will be mentored by one senior trainer, having monthly one-to-one meetings, providing a space for reflection, self assessment and feedback on the tasks fulfilled and sharing material, resources, useful links and calls. We are planning on a residential training based on non-formal, collaborative and experiential learning methods. This will be confirmed at a later stage depending on the situation regarding the pandemic. If this residential training is cancelled an online version of it will be delivered on the same dates. The whole ToT will be delivered in English language.

What to expect?
  • 12 days of online and (possibly) residential training sessions

  • Personal learning path

  • Assignments in between the training sessions

  • Online mentoring from the training team

  • Peer feedback

  • Library of digital resources (articles, videos, books, etc.)

  • A certificate of completion of the ToT and the Pool of Trainers in LXD membership*

* If the participant has successfully completed the whole educational pathway, taking part in at least 80% of the sessions fulfilling the assignments in between sessions and implementing at least 1 local or international training topic related activity.

Training Team

The course is designed and implemented by the project team.

Profile of participants

You fit this educational pathway if:

  • You are involved in work at least in one of the following contexts: youth or educational organisations or centres, museums, cultural centres, heritage sites, schools, universities, other educational bodies

  • You have previous experience as trainer or facilitator in educational activities at local or international level

  • You are eager to reflect on your own practice and personal learning process

  • You are motivated to develop training competences with LXD methodology and act after the course as a trainer or multiplier

  • You can work in English

The ToT is foreseen for the residents of partner countries of the D2L project: Norway, Portugal and Spain.


The creation of a Pool of Trainers in LxD is part of the Design2Learn project which aims to explore and develop further the applications of Learning Experience Design in European youth work and other educational backgrounds. The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, under the framework of KA2 Strategic Partnership “Cooperation for innovation”.

The partners involved in this project are:





Coordinating Organization

Apply Here

Thank you for your application.

The selection of participants will be done by the partnership of the project.
Participants will receive further information until 11th of December 2020.
If you have any further questions, please contact us:

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