I am an educator/

teacher, is Learning Experience Design for me?!

By using a different  - yet simple - design process, you will be able to understand better their real needs and potentials, be more creative in designing learning experiences for them, re-shape the learning space, optimize the session flow,  and increase their levels of engagement and participation.

How do we learn better?

Stop for one minute and think. Do you know someone that was really into school? That really enjoyed going to classes and to learn “that way”?! Well, I was that person. (...) Ten years and a few Erasmus+ training courses later, I learned about learning styles and I realized everyone can learn differently.

YouTrain Project: Good Practice

YouTrain was a pilot project that aimed to promote the use of videos as educational tools in non-formal education settings.
You can find video tutorials about non-formal education theories, methodologies and exercises!


LEarning Experiences

and why they matter

"Can you count how many learning experiences you have had in your life? Probably not. Why? Simply because there are too many! (...) maybe the right question would be: how many learning experiences can you still remember? And.. Why?"  

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