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Throwing trainers in a pool

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

In order to succeed and to be very good at doing something, there are some steps we must complete: understanding, practising and reflecting about it. Training trainers in non-formal education and Learning Experience Design (LxD) is no different than that. To master the “job” one must learn to know, to do and to be. We are creating a new pool of trainers in LxD, but sometimes you need a little push to overcome that initial fear, so we leave you with a few hints about what this pool is all about.

Leave your flip flops

Diving into a pool of trainers about LxD is a great chance to leave behind our old ways, try to get to know new methodologies and to learn how to be more aware of what your learner(s) needs. You know you are ready to join such a pool when you feel open to question your own practice, want to learn new ways of working and have the urge to support others in taking that same jump.

Set? Goggles on!

In practice, LxD implies seeing what’s under the surface of the learning experience: exploring the learner characteristics, the learning outcomes desired and the environment in which the experience will take place; designing the space, the steps and activities; setting-up the experience itself; and testing/iterating to achieve maximum effectiveness. You can go freestyle, but this is what you should have in mind.

Our pool of trainers will train youth workers, teachers and educators in LxD so that they can deepen their practice as well, and act as multipliers in different contexts like youth centres, museums, schools, cultural centres, heritage sites, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, etc.​


In the future, this pool of trainers will also support a broader online community, create further international projects, and develop new LxD training at local level. The aim is to have a “place” where people will be able to share knowledge, feelings, struggles and project ideas.

The first “lap” will come very soon with our first online training of trainers.

Ready to get wet? Check out our call for participants here!

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