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Ha Moment, CRL is a cooperative whose mission is to provide opportunities for the personal and professional development of young people, youth workers and adults throughout the world, through training, consulting and organizing events, based on informal and non-formal learning. Our main goal is to work for the recognition of non-formal education and to ensure that skills are acquired through it.


The Narvik War and Peace Centre is a non-profit foundation that researches, documents and disseminates on issues related to war and conflict. Our story starts with the German attack on Narvik in 1940, the battle of Narvik and the occupation that followed. However, we also work with issues not related to the Second World War. We have a particular focus on the rules of war (IHL) and human rights education.

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Nexes Interculturals is a non-profit organization born in 1999 and based in Barcelona. We work in the local and transnational community, especially with and for young people, to promote intercultural learning, boost active participation, promote democracy, Human Rights and the fight against discrimination.

Our activities and initiatives promotes education for peace and global justice, with the aim of promoting a sustainable social transformation. 


team mais

Team MAIS is a small consultancy company based in Lisbon with a solid international experience focused in innovative solutions for Youth Work and Adult Education. Team Mais develops trainings and educational programs mostly for educators, trainers, teachers and consultants. Previously, the team was part of an informal group of young youth workers who developed several international projects within the Youth in Action program, gathering several years of prior experience in both managing international projects as well as developing content for international non-formal education contexts.

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